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By becoming a client you provide an opportunity for another young person to get valuable hands-on work experience. Every service purchased for an upcoming project enables us to provide paid internship for 2 youth participants.


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Program Details


  • Your business will get a framework for your digital marketing foundation to that can be used even after the completion of the program
  • Your business will get a proven process to help increase leads and conversions for your business
  • Your business will get a digital marketing strategy that can be used even after the completion of the program
  • Your business will get a 1-month digital marketing campaign to increase awareness about your company, mission or cause
  • Your business will get student interaction that has been shown to help companies understand more about their own digital marketing

As a client, you will receive services on par with most digital media companies, but the benefits go way beyond the actual service. Services are rendered as part of a current program. All service fees must be paid at least 2-weeks in advance of the program that your business will participate in. A representative of the company, preferably the CEO must be available for a minimum of 3 meetings. Meetings can be in-person or by video-conferencing. These client and participant meetings are extremely important as they play a major role in the quality of the experience for both sides.


Our cutting-edge digital marketing services provide your organization with a low-cost solution and an opportunity for talented youth to get valuable work experience.


  • Content Marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

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