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You’re already using the tools! Now we’ll help you learn to apply those hidden skills toward starting a well paid career in Digital Media.

Our Pipeline Training Programs are open to any youth between the ages of 16 – 24, but we reserve a large majority of our slots for youth referred from organizations that service low-income, minority or at-risk youth or individuals that fit this criteria.


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An account will provide access to top talent and options for your company to benefit from our programs.

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Refer Participants

We accept referrals for any youth age 16 – 24, but reserve spots for low-income, minority or at-risk youth.

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Provide Internships

List your paid internship with us and we’ll provide skilled individuals that match your specefic criteria. 

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Sponsor A Project

Provide the opportunity for underserved youth to receive the skills needed to start a career in Digital Media. 

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