How This Non-Profit Can Help Your Business Boom

How This Non-Profit Can Help Your Business Boom (and it won’t cost you much)

Are you a small business locally based in the City Heights or National City area of San Diego?

If you answered yes, keep reading.

Are you missing a very important piece to the puzzle of creating a more thriving business?

If you answered yes again, here’s how we can help.

Youth Campaigns is a non-profit organization that aims to train, educate, and equip disadvantaged youth with the unique digital marketing skills surrounding every type of business today — that’s right, the knowledge to leverage social media as a key tool in branding, increasing sales, and stepping up the visibility of your business to thousands of people. Our ultimate goal is to give students a chance in their future careers to land tech related jobs; an ever growing and expanding industry.

You’re probably thinking, “well how do we fit in this picture?” — glad you asked!

Instead of paying tons of money for an agency to market YOUR business, Youth Campaigns will provide these services at the lowest cost to you. YOUR organization will be the ones to give hands on experience to our Youth Campaigns go-getters. Our training programs are directly tailored to allowing our students to manage, curate, and promote all types of digital content on all social media platforms for YOU. Students draw up social media strategies to fit the needs of YOUR business based upon YOUR requests. As our client, we work directly with you to promote your business while at the same time preparing our youth campaigners for their future (pretty sweet deal, right?).

As a non-profit, we are always seeking new clients who want to give our students a chance to excel as well as clients who want the opportunity to improve their social media presence. Not only is the goal of Youth Campaigns to strengthen the digital marketing skills of disadvantaged youth, but to promote the importance of diversity and opportunity for these individuals to use their voice and learn the power of social media.

As mentioned before, if you are locally based in City Heights/National City, that is great news! However, we will not limit our services to just businesses located in this region. Please reach out to us regardless.

If this sounds like a journey you’d like to take a ride on, click here.

Let us explain to you what it means to be a part of the Youth Campaigns mission!

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