New Volunteers

Two New Volunteers Join The Youth Campaigns Team

New Volunteers

Ramon Marquez
Community Outreach Coordinator

Ramon is a 21 year old student at the University of Phoenix where he is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Human Services. He is also currently employed part time as a Community Assistant with the San Diego Unified School District and was just hired as a Weekend Coordinator / Case Manager for the Veterans Village of San Diego, Emergency Winter Shelter Project. Ramon is a member of the Kickapoo Nation on his Mothers side and Kumeyaay-Paipai Nation on his Fathers side, currently living in City Heights. He is involved with the United Nations Association of San Diego and is currently serving as the Co-Director of the Indigenous Peoples Working Group.

Ramon is also involved with Activist San Diego serving as the Program Director for Indigenous Advocacy and KNSJ Community Radio serving as the Outreach Coordinator for Indigenous Peoples. He is a member of the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus and United Nations Indigenous Youth Caucus. He is also in the process of the Track A training with the World Youth Alliance, training that will help him build a chapter here in San Diego. Ramon is also in talks with the International Youth Council to establish it here as well as trying to become a team leader for the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, which is a program of the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, that would allow him to help youth go to the United Nations. Ramon is one of the first Kickapoo, Kumeyaay and Paipai Youth to go to the United Nations for the FIRST ever World Conference on Indigenous Peoples. Ramon is very passionate for Youth Development, Engagement and Involvement and lastly is one of the two members in bringing the Peace Alliance to San Diego and currently serves as one of the Action Team Coordinators for San Diego.

Morgan Stinson
Program Coordinator

Morgan is a twenty-year-old Air Force Reservist who is currently earning an Associate’s Degree in Logistics. She enjoys spending her free time hiking and reading, and she hopes to one day become a high school History teacher.