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Our Finding Voices Summer Program starts this Monday Aug 10th.



Yes, we understand that a social media program is not your typical youth development program. Many skeptics of the program have asked, how a social media training program will actually help disadvantage youth be successful or just how viable a career in social media is anyway. Our answer is that this program is much bigger than the training or the internship that they receive during the program. Social media is quickly becoming the most impactful tool that the world has ever seen and its significance continues to grow everyday. This program was built to help youth that have historically had no voice understand the impact they could have if they decided to wield social media as there weapon of choice. Built on providing young voices a safe place to express themselves, a forum to be listened and build confidence and understanding the significance of what the potential of social media is.

Date: August 10, 2015

Time: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Where: The San Diego Foundation, in the Ault Room, 2508 Historic Decatur Road, #200, San Diego, CA 92106

When: The training portion of the program is Every Monday & Wednesday for 8 weeks. The internship portion will be 4 weeks at a company to be determined.



Mentors help guide our youth in intense self-exploration of themselves in relation to such topics as leadership, community and stereotypes to help students learn how to shape themselves and the conversations in which they are engaged.


Sponsor organizations provide the opportunity by allowing participants to manage their social media for up to 8 weeks and by providing internships to participants that complete the Finding Voices program.


Partnerships are created with any high school or nonprofit organization interested in hosting our program. Partnerships are also formed between Youth Campaigns and any online marketing agencies that are interested in also offering internships to individuals that successfully complete our Finding Voices program.

Don’t wait; there is still time to be a part of our innovative new program. To sign-up please go to

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