Was Judge Pirro Fired from Fox News?

As rumors continue to swirl that Judge Jeanine Pirro may have been fired from Fox News, we take a look at what may have led to her possible ousting.

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Theories on why Judge Jeanine Pirro was fired from Fox News

There are many theories as to why Judge Jeanine Pirro was fired from Fox News. The most popular theory is that she was fired because of her comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar. Judge Pirro said that Omar’s use of the hijab means that she is not loyal to the United States. Fox News released a statement saying that Judge Pirro’s comments were “deeply offensive” and she has been suspended for two weeks.

She was too critical of President Trump

One theory is that Judge Jeanine Pirro was fired from Fox News because she was too critical of President Donald Trump. According to this theory, Fox News executives decided that she was no longer in line with the network’s pro-Trump slant, and so they let her go. This theory makes some sense, as Pirro was one of the few voices on Fox News who was consistently critical of the president.

She violated the network’s rules on on-air commentary

Fox News has a strict set of rules that its on-air personalities are required to follow. One of those rules is that commentary must be strictly objective, and personal opinions are not to be expressed. Jeanine Pirro violated that rule when she made a series of comments on her show that were critical of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota). Fox News took swift action and removed her show from the air for one week.

She was involved in a personal dispute with another Fox News host

There are a few theories floating around as to why Judge Jeanine Pirro was fired from Fox News. The most popular theory is that she was involved in a personal dispute with another Fox News host, Sean Hannity. Reportedly, the two had a disagreement over who would get the prime-time slot on Fox News. Another theory is that Judge Pirro was fired because she made critical remarks about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The aftermath of Judge Pirro’s firing

It’s been almost a week since Judge Jeanine Pirro was fired from Fox News, and the details of what exactly happened are still murky. What we do know is that Pirro was caught on a hot mic making some inflammatory comments about Muslims. Fox News has not officially released a statement about the firing, but many believe that it was due to her comments.

Fox News’ ratings have declined since her firing

After being fired from her hosting gig on Fox News, Jeanine Pirro’s ratings have declined. The former prosecutor’s show was averaging about 2.4 million viewers before she was let go, but that number has since dropped to just 1.3 million, a loss of nearly half her audience.

Her fans are boycotting the network

After Judge Jeanine Pirro was abruptly pulled from her Saturday night show on Fox News, many of her fans are now boycotting the network.

Some viewers are so loyal to the former judge that they say they will no longer watch Fox News at all, while others are calling for a boycott of specific sponsors.

The #FireFox campaign was trending on Twitter over the weekend, with many users expressing their outrage at what they see as a betrayal of one of the network’s most popular hosts.

Many of Judge Pirro’s fans are convinced that she was fired because of her outspoken support for President Donald Trump. They see her removal as part of a larger effort to silence conservative voices on the network.

Fox News has not commented on the reasons for Judge Pirro’s sudden departure, but the network is facing increasing pressure to address the growing backlash from her supporters.

Fox News has lost advertisers since her firing

Since being fired from Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro has lost a number of advertisers from her show. These advertisers include MyPillow, NerdWallet, and Direct Auto Insurance. In addition, a number of other companies have pulled their ads from Fox News during her timeslot. companies include mattress company Casper, distance-learning platform Clarkson University, and LegalZoom.

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