News Nation Now Available on Directv Channel 347

You can now watch News Nation on Directv channel 347. Get the latest news and information on this new 24/7 news channel.

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News Nation is now available on DIRECTV channel 347.

News Nation is a new national 24/7 news channel bringing you the best in independent, unbiased journalism. We offer award-winning investigative reporting, exemplary news gathering and exclusive live coverage you can trust.

Our team of reporters and anchors are committed to providing factual, informative and timely stories that affect all Americans. We also go beyond the headlines to provide in-depth analysis and context on the stories that matter most to you and your family.

You can find us on DIRECTV channel 347, or visit our website at for more ways to watch.

What is News Nation?

News Nation is a 24/7 national news network that provides in-depth, nonpartisan coverage of the biggest stories happening across the country. With a team of experienced journalists and a commitment to BALANCE, News Nation delivers unbiased reporting and intelligent analysis on the most important issues facing our nation.

Directv customers can now watch News Nation on channel 347.

What is Directv?

Directv is a satellite TV provider that offers a variety of channels and packages to its customers. News Nation is now available on Directv channel 347, giving viewers another way to watch their favorite news programming.

News Nation on Directv

News Nation is a new 24-hour cable news channel from Tribune Media and the Sinclair Broadcast Group. The channel is now available on DirecTV (channel 347), and will be coming soon to other providers. News Nation will offer a mix of live and taped news programming, including original shows and documentaries.

How to find News Nation on Directv

News Nation is now available on Directv channel 347. You can find it in the same place as MSNBC, which is on channel 356.

What channel is News Nation on Directv?

News Nation is now available on Directv channel 347.


News Nation is available on DIRECTV now. Check your local listings for the channel in your area. You can also watch News Nation online at

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