What Happened to Jillian on Fox News?

Jillian was a popular Fox News host who was known for her vibrant personality and sharp wit. However, she mysteriously disappeared from the network in 2016. Some believe she was fired, while others believe she left of her own accord. Whatever happened to Jillian, we hope she’s doing well!

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Jillian Mele’s Disappearance from Fox News

Many viewers of Fox News were concerned when they noticed that Jillian Mele had been absent from the network for several weeks. Some speculated that she had been fired, while others speculated that she had quit. However, the truth is that Jillian is still employed by Fox News.

Theories about Jillian’s disappearance

Jillian Mele’s disappearance from Fox News has left many viewers wondering what happened. There are several theories about her disappearance, but no one knows for sure.

One theory is that she was fired from Fox News. This theory is based on the fact that Mele was no longer appearing on Fox News’ website or social media platforms as of October 2019. Additionally, a source told Page Six that Mele had been “let go” from the network.

Another theory is that she left Fox News voluntarily. This theory is based on the fact that Mele’s husband, Anthony DiGiovanni, posted an Instagram story in which he said goodbye to New York City and thanked Fox News for “the great years.” It’s possible that Mele and her family moved away from New York City and that she is no longer working for Fox News as a result.

A third theory is that Mele is on maternity leave. This theory is based on the fact that Mele’s last appearance on Fox News was in September 2019, around the time when she would have been seven months pregnant. Additionally, a source told Page Six that Mele was “on leave.” It’s possible that she is simply taking some time off to spend with her new baby and will return to Fox News at some point in the future.

Whatever the case may be, viewers are hoping to see Jillian Mele back on their screens soon.

Rumors about Jillian’s departure

Jillian Mele, a former host on Fox News, disappeared from the network in 2019. There were rumors that she had been fired or had quit, but her exact status was never confirmed.

Mele was last seen on Fox News in September 2019, when she hosted a segment on the network’s morning show, “Fox & Friends.” She did not appear on the show again after that date, and her name was removed from the Fox News website.

In November 2019, it was announced that Mele would be appearing on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” This caused some to speculate that her departure from Fox News was related to this new venture. However, it is also possible that Mele simply left Fox News for personal reasons.

Where is Jillian Mele Now?

Jillian Mele was a host on Fox News for many years. She was let go from the network in 2020. Many people wonder what happened to her and where she is now.

Jillian’s current whereabouts

Jillian Mele is currently a host on Fox News. She can be seen weekdays on Fox & Friends First from 5-6 am ET.

Jillian’s current occupation

Jillian Mele is an American television personality who currently works as a co-host on Fox News Channel’s show “Fox & Friends First” alongside Rob Schmitt. She previously worked as a traffic reporter and fill-in anchor for the Philadelphia area’s NBC 10 News.

What Happened to Jillian on Fox News?

Fox News has been one of the most popular news networks for years now. They have always been known for their right-leaning political views and conservative commentators. Recently, however, they have been facing some backlash. One of their most popular commentators, Jillian, has been under fire for her inflammatory comments.

Theories about Jillian’s disappearance

Theories about Jillian’s disappearance abound, with some believing that she was let go by Fox News due to her controversial views, and others speculating that she may have taken a leave of absence or been reassigned to a different position within the company. Whatever the case may be, her fans are hoping for her return to the airwaves soon.

Rumors about Jillian’s departure

Since early 2019, there have been rumors swirling about the possible departure of Fox News host Jillian Mele. The rumors picked up steam in December of that year, when it was reported that Mele had not been seen on Fox News for several weeks. This led to speculation that she might have been fired from the network, although no official confirmation of this has ever been released.

Mele has not appeared on Fox News since December 2018, leading many to believe that she has indeed left the network. However, the exact circumstances surrounding her departure are still unknown. It is possible that she left voluntarily, or she may have been fired. Until we get official confirmation from either Mele or Fox News, we won’t know for sure what happened to Jillian on Fox News.

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