What Happened To Q13 News Anchor?

Matt Lorch is leaving FOX 13/Q13 after ten years to follow his love for assisting local NGOs! We took a look back at his time at FOX 13 and his career.

Similarly, Who left FOX 13 News?

Kelly Ring has announced her departure from television news – Kelly Ring of FOX 13 has announced her retirement from television after a 37-year career covering and reporting news in Tampa Bay.

Also, it is asked, Where is Ally Bradley now?

In Seattle, there are homeless people. She now works, lives in an apartment, and helps with the group that assisted her in regaining her footing. Andrea Suarez founded We Heart Seattle in October of 2020.

Secondly, What happened on to Casey on Q13 News?

News from Q13. Q13 News in Seattle Kaci Aitchison, the host of This Morning, returned to the studio on Friday with a huge surprise. Kaci is leaving Q13 FOX to spend more time with her daughter Scarlett! We are ecstatic for her and her family, although it is difficult to say goodbye for the time being.

Also, What happened MJ Mcdermott?

I’ll be retiring on October 8, 2021, and I’ll be diagnosed with cancer on Ap – exactly 6 months later! What a surprise! After a battery of testing, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma.

People also ask, What happened to Kcpq?

KCPQ discontinued the Q13 identity and rebranded to “Fox 13″ in September after being acquired by Fox. This aligned with the branding of other Fox-owned stations.

Related Questions and Answers

What happened to Omar Lewis on Q13 News?

For many months, Omar has been reporting for Q13 News. He’ll now be joining Alexandra Lewis on Q13 News This Morning on JOEtv every weekend from 7-11 a.m.

Is Dan Guthrie still with KSL?

Dan Guthrie, a FOX17 meteorologist from Salt Lake City, Utah, joined the morning crew in February 2021. Dan, a Midwestern native, spent time as a meteorologist at WMTV in Madison, WI, and WIFR in Rockford, IL, prior to residing out west for seven years as a meteorologist at KSL.

Who is the new anchor on Fox 13 Utah?

Social. April Baker is a morning anchor and reporter for Fox 13 News’ “Good Day Utah.” April’s journalistic career took her to four different states before bringing her to The Beehive State. April worked as a multimedia journalist in Massachusetts and South Carolina for the first three years of her career.

Who is Marni Hughes married to?

She was also honored for her coverage of traumatic brain injuries and concussions in children’s sports. Hughes worked at newsrooms in Minnesota, Utah, Indiana, and Ohio before coming to Seattle. Hughes has three children with her husband, Chris.

Is Rudabeh Shahbazi still on CBS News?

Rudabeh Shahbazi is a NewsNation weekend anchor. Shahbazi, a three-time Emmy Award-winning anchor and reporter, has covered and broken stories in news markets throughout the United States, as well as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and Cuba. She spent the last five years as the primary anchor at CBS Miami.

Does Bill Wixey still work for Q13?

Bill Wixey is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who has worked as an anchor, reporter, producer, and writer for almost two decades. Weekdays from 5-10 a.m., Bill co-anchors KCPQ’s “Q13 News This Morning,” Seattle’s top-rated five-hour morning program.

Did Bill Wixey retire?

SEATTLE (AP) — Bill Wixey’s face was filled with emotion as he announced the news on his Facebook page following Wednesday morning’s broadcast. The Q13 FOX News This Morning anchor wrote, “A minute of silence for ye olde white dress shirt.” “I’m formally retiring it today, after many years and hundreds of hours on the air.”

Is M.J. McDermott married?

She has completed and published two books and is now working on a third. M.J. and her husband, John, live in North Seattle and are the happy parents of twin boys who attended the University of Washington and now reside in New York City.

Who is Travis Mayfield husband?

Travis is seated in their Seattle home with his 38-year-old spouse, Curtis Man.

Is MJ Mcdermott retiring?

A personal message. My final day at @fox12oregon will be September 30th, after 12 fantastic years there.

Why is Q13 Now Fox 13?

KCPQ was purchased by the Tribune Company in August 1998. Following the acquisition of channel 13, Tribune consolidated KCPQ and KTWB-TV operations (channel 22, now KZJO). After the FCC legalized same-market duopolies in 1999, the two stations were co-owned.

Who is Ileana Gomez?

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Assistant Chief Counsel Ileana Gomez | LinkedIn

Who is Frankie TI10?

Dota 2 supporters questioned Frankie’s qualifications for working at TI10, despite the fact that she is a credentialed esports broadcast anchor who has worked major events in Counter-Strike, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Overwatch. Much of the criticism was directed towards her efforts in Dota 2.

How old is Odpixel?

You can help right now by amending it. Dota 2 caster Owen “ODPixel” Davies Important Occasions [edit] Casted or Hosted Date2021-10-17 Tier 1TournamentTier 2TournamentTier 3TournamentTournamen The 2021PositionCommentator is an international expert on the year 2021. There are ten more columns to come.

Who is Adam Mertz?

Adam Mertz | Boeing | LinkedIn | Senior Communications Specialist, Global Aerospace Safety

Who left the KSL weather team?

ANNOUNCEMENT: It is with a sorrowful heart that I announce my retirement from KSL after 7 years. Unfortunately, due to the COVID outbreak and the fact that I work in an ever-changing business, KSL has decided to modify the nature of my employment.

Who is the chief meteorologist at Fox 13 Utah?

News from FOX 13 Stay up to date on Utah’s shifting weather by following Fox 13’s top meteorologist Kristen Van Dyke.

Who are the meteorologist on KSL?

Matthew Johnson is a writer who lives in the United

Who are the meteorologist on FOX 13 Utah?

Social. Brek Bolton is the weekend meteorologist for Fox 13.

Is Kelly Chapman married?

Kelly and her husband, a meteorologist, have three children and enjoy spending time as a family. Kelly enjoys interior design, rearranging furniture, baking, gardening, walking her dog, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies because she has a passion for beautiful settings and homes.

Where did Shelby Hays go?

Shelby Hays, a KOCO meteorologist, has been hired as our new marketing director For The Lost Ogle.


The “former q13 news anchors” is a question that has been asked by many. The answer to the question is that Q13 News Anchor was recently bought by Sinclair Broadcast Group, and will be renamed as TBD.

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