What Is Smart News?

What Is Smart News?

The SMART News Agency is a Syrian-based independent online Arabic-language news organization. The Syrian Media Action Revolution Team (SMART), Syria’s biggest independent opposition media network, owns and operates it.

Similarly, What is SmartNews and who is behind it?

Hamamoto and his co-founder Ken Suzuki founded SmartNews in 2012 as a very normal Japanese-oriented news curating business. Suzuki was an entrepreneur and scholar who had examined the internet’s impact on democratic society, while Hamamoto was a data visualization coder.

Also, it is asked, Is SmartNews legitimate?

Smart News is a for-profit organization with the claimed objective of “discovering and delivering great content to the globe,” as seen by their website. Quality articles are “impartial, trendy, and trustworthy,” according to them. They earn money by selling advertisements.

Secondly, Is SmartNews by Google?

SmartNews has joined Google Apps’ now-third-party platform to provide trending news on Android devices at the right time. Summary: SmartNews, the number one news app on Google Play in Japan and the United States, is a launch partner for Now cards in the Google app.

Also, What is SmartNews on my phone?

SmartNews is a free news app that brings you information from hundreds of reputable sources, makes it simple to find new subjects and media outlets, and allows you to view material with or without an Internet connection. The software has a straightforward, user-friendly interface.

People also ask, Who is the owner of SmartNews?

Sarkis Chamsy

Related Questions and Answers

Who started SmartNews?

Ken Suzuki established SmartNews in 2012. It began as a service for Japanese consumers, but it has since grown tremendously, with branches across the United States as of last year.

Is SmartNews a good app?

SmartNews – Trending News & Stories is a comprehensive news app that can save you hours of exploring different websites.

Is SmartNews a free app?

Quickly browse headlines, personalize your channels, and read the news offline.” SmartNews is a fantastic free alternative to other well-known news applications.”

How does SmartNews make money?

SmartNews earns money by displaying inline advertising inside pre-defined channels (not inside individual stories). SmartNews is easy to set up. All that is required of publishers is that they provide their RSS feed. They are then provided access to a dashboard with analytics.

How do I block SmartNews?

Access SmartNews Insights by logging in. In the left sidebar, choose “Current Status.” View the list of your articles that are presently being delivered to SmartNews subscribers. Click the Stop button after you’ve found the article you wish to stop reading.

How do I turn off SmartNews?

Modify your notification settings. Select News settings from the drop-down menu. Tap Notifications under “Alerts.” Turn on Get alerts if you want to receive notifications. Turn off Get notifications to disable all notifications.

What is the most reliable news app?

We’ll go through the 13 greatest news apps in this roundup, which will help users stay on top of the news and keep them coming back. The BBC News App is a mobile version of the BBC News website. Flipboard. Google News is a search engine that allows you to find out The New York Times is a newspaper based in New York City. CNN is a news organization that covers the world. DIGG. AP Mobile is a mobile version of AP. Reuters

How do I contact SmartNews?

SmartNews is the first news app unicorn since 2015, with a $1.2 billion valuation and $182 million in total venture capital. 6-25-16 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Jinguumae, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan, Jingumae Dai 23, Bldg 3F, Jingumae Dai 23, Bldg 3F, Jingumae Dai 23, Bldg 3F, Jingumae Dai 23, Bldg 3F, Jingumae Dai 23, www.smartnews.com. Phone: +81 50-6861-7775. $150,

What is SmartNews app on Android?

SmartNews is a multi-award-winning local news app that has been downloaded by more than 50 million people in 150 countries! Get the latest news from the United States and around the globe, as well as local weather predictions and much more. Every day, SmartNews analyzes millions of articles to bring you the most current and popular news in the globe.

How many people use SmartNews?

With 50 million downloads and 20 million monthly active users, SmartNews is one of the most well-known news aggregator applications available today. The app uses machine learning algorithms to provide each reader with a high-quality news experience that includes the most essential and relevant articles.

Does Google News have an app?

The Google News app, which replaces Google Play Newsstand, is available for Android and iOS (for both iPhone and iPad).

How do you delete news feed on iPhone?

Unfollowing news on your iPhone is a bad idea. Select the Next tab. In the top-right corner of the screen, tap Edit. Remove the item by pressing the Remove button. Tap Unfollow next to a channel or subject.

What is Verizon SmartNews?

SmartNews (iOS|Android) is a free newsreader with an appealing swipeable UI that enables you view the newest headlines across numerous different news categories. It also loads quickly as you go through the various categories, with all of the most recent news headlines updating behind the scenes.

How do I turn off Google discover?

Turn off Google Discover. Using the Google App After you’ve started the app, go to Settings by tapping on your profile image. Toggle off the option that says Discover in the General options. When you turn this off, the next time you attempt to swipe right on your home screen, it will not appear.

Why am I getting all these chrome notifications?

Chrome warns you when a website, app, or extension wants to send you notifications by default. This parameter may be changed at any time. Chrome automatically filters unwanted or misleading alerts when you visit sites containing them, and it suggests that you keep blocking them.

What’s the best free news app?

Apps for Free News Daily Headlines from Google News. Download Google News – Daily Headlines for $0.00. News from NPR. Download from the App Store for $0.00. NPR One is a public radio station in the United States. Download from the App Store for $0.00. Video News from Reuters TV. $0.00. ABC News is a reputable news organization. $0.00. Fox News: Breaking News in Real Time. $0.00. News 12 Mobile is a mobile news channel. $0.00. CNN has the most up-to-date news from the United States and across the world. $0.00.

How big is SmartNews?

SmartNews, the Japanese news discovery app with 20 million worldwide monthly active users, has secured $28 million in its current investment round, officials tell Axios, boosting the company’s value to $1.1 billion.

How do I change the location on my SmartNews app?

Type Home or Work into the search box. Click Edit next to the address you wish to edit. Click Save after entering a new address.

What is Google News used for?

Google News is a news aggregation service that Google has created. It displays a constant stream of links to articles categorized by publisher and magazine. Google News is accessible on Android, iOS, and the web as an app.

Is the Google News app free?

However, the Google News app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. If you currently depend on headlines from Google Search’s “News” section on your desktop, you’ll be right at home with the search engine’s news app. Anyone may access Google News, and it’s free to use if you have a Google account.

What is the best news app for Android?

The Top 10 Android News Apps Google News is a search engine that allows you to find out Microsoft News is a service provided by Microsoft. News from the Associated Press. The Guardian is a British newspaper. Pocket Haystack News Inoreader. Feedly.

What happens when you swipe left on iPhone?

Swipe left from your Home Screen until you reach the App Library. Your applications are organized into categories by default. You could find your social networking applications under the Social category, for example. Your favorite applications will rearrange themselves depending on how often you use them.

Can Apple News be deleted?

If you have issues from your Apple News+ subscription downloaded to your Mac, you may delete them or remove them from My Magazines at any time. Please keep in mind that Apple News and Apple News+ aren’t accessible in every country or area.

How do I stop Apple News emails?

1. How to turn off Apple News emails on your phone On your iPhone, go to Settings. To see your Apple ID and other information, click your name. Select Name, Phone Numbers, and Email from the drop-down menu. Toggle the Apple News Newsletter option to Off by scrolling down. You’ve completed the task!

What is discover on Google app?

You may receive updates for your interests, such as your favorite sports team or news site, without having to hunt for them using Discover. You may customize the sorts of updates you see in Discover, whether you’re using the Google app or viewing the web on your phone.


Smart news is a term that refers to news articles that are written in an intelligent manner. The “who owns smart news” is the owner of the article.

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SmartNews is a new social media platform that allows users to share their opinion on news. The company has been around since 2011, and it’s still in beta. Reference: smartnews wiki.

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