What News Does Mary Warren Bring From Salem?

Elizabeth and Proctor are informed by Mary Warren that Goody Osburn will be executed since she refused to confess to being a witch while 39 people are now incarcerated.

Similarly, How has Mary Warren’s role in Salem changed?

What caused Mary Warren’s attitude to shift since Act 1 and why? She defends herself and is respected in court. She defended Elizabeth in court, which is another crucial element.

Also, it is asked, What did Mary Warren tell Abigail about Salem?

Abigail is informed by Mary Warren who just entered the room that Betty’s illness is being blamed on witchcraft by everyone in Salem. Marry Warren is terrified and concerned about the notion that the locals will refer to her and the other girls as witches.

Secondly, What information does Mary Warren provide about the trial what role is she playing at the trial why does John forbid her from attending?

Mary says there have been arrests. She also mentions Elizabeth’s accusation. Mary works as a court representative. John doesn’t want her to go to the trials because he thinks they’re ridiculous and pointless.

Also, What does Mary Warren do in Act 2?

Elizabeth receives a poppet (doll) from Mary Warren, who returned to the house after traveling to Salem to testify against the Proctors’ desires. Mary reveals that Elizabeth testified in court to defend herself after being charged.

People also ask, What is Mary Warren’s goal in The Crucible?

Mary desires to be honest in order to spare them from a worse punishment.

Related Questions and Answers

Why does Mary Warren want to tell the truth?

Mary is compelled to tell the truth because she is certain that if they are honest, their punishment will be less terrible. Because of Abigail’s threats that they would not reveal the truth as a result, she and the other girls decide to use the two afflicted girls to their advantage and accuse them of practicing witchcraft.

What does Mary tell John Abigail will do to him?

Mary is terrified of Abigail and does not want to go to court to speak up against her. She claims that Abigail will murder her, and the other girls will pursue her. What does Mary Warren say Abigail will do to John Proctor? Abigail will accuse Proctor of lechery, Mary Warren warns him.

Why does Mary Warren testify against Abigail?

Mary Warren is instructed by Proctor to testify against Abigail in court. Mary Warren confides in Proctor that she worries Abigail and the others would turn on her if she testifies against them. Proctor learns that Mary Warren is aware of his relationship. In Scene 4, Abigail starts carrying out her strategy against Elizabeth.

What do we learn about Mary Warren’s motives at the end of the act?

At the conclusion of the play, what do we discover about Mary Warren’s intentions? Because Abigail instructed her to, she did it. Because she is afraid Abigail will kill her, she remains out of the path.

How is Mary Warren guilty?

When Mary makes a poppet (a doll) for Elizabeth Proctor, whose house she now maintains, we first notice that she is harboring remorse. Mary is aware that Abigail only mentioned Elizabeth’s name in court to exact revenge.

What does Mary give Elizabeth when she returns from the trials?

Mary Warren presents Elizabeth with a doll that she made in court when she gets home, claiming that it is a gift. She states that 39 persons are currently facing accusations. Mary and John disagree about whether Mary should keep attending the trials.

What present does Mary Warren give to Elizabeth What does her making it and giving it to Elizabeth foreshadow?

What does the fact that she created it and gave it to Elizabeth portend? Mary Warren presents a Poppet doll to Elizabeth (voodoo doll). It portends being used as proof in court.

What does Mary Warren give Elizabeth?

Elizabeth receives a poppet that Mary Warren crafted while she was in court. Elizabeth and Proctor are informed by Mary Warren that Goody Osburn will be executed since she refused to confess to being a witch while 39 people are now incarcerated.

Does Mary tell the truth in The Crucible?

And Elizabeth, who has always acted truthfully, tells a lie to protect her husband’s identity while simultaneously condemning both of them. Mary Warren, who had previously lied but is now finally telling the truth, then lies once more to preserve her life. Abigail Williams, who continues to deceive, is the only one who benefits in this situation.

When Mary Warren says that she pretended to faint in court what is she asked to do?

What is Mary Warren ordered to do when she claims that she faked fainting in court? What’s the outcome? She is requested to perform a witchcraft impersonation. Mary Warren can’t pass out.

How did Abigail manipulate Mary Warren?

She asked Mary Warren to give Elizabeth a poppet that had a needle inside of it. Abigail then used a needle to injure herself before telling the court that Elizabeth is a witch. 1117) Miller In addition to hurting John Procter’s family and attempting to get rid of his wife, she is insane for loving him.

What ominous revelation does Mary Warren make about Elizabeth?

What frightening admission concerning Elizabeth’s reputation does Mary Warren make? How does this revelation contribute to the escalation of Elizabeth and John’s argument? Elizabeth’s name, according to Mary Warren, has been “referenced” in court. Elizabeth is renowned for being direct and occasionally rude.

Why did Abigail stick herself in her stomach with a needle?

To protect the doll, she inserted the needle into it. Abigail observed Mary doing this. Abigail collapsed while screaming at dinner at Parris’ residence, and a needle was discovered lodged two inches into her stomach.

What does Abigail do which wins Mary back to her at the end of the scene?

In The Crucible, Abigail manipulates the court by feigning that Mary Warren’s ghost is about to harm her from the rafters. The girls imitate Abigail as she pretends to see Mary’s soul as a threatening bird.

What happens to Mary Warren in Act 3 of The Crucible?

Mary appears to catch the other girls’ hysteria and begins yelling as well. She scurries away from Proctor when he tries to touch her, calling him the devil’s man. She charges him with having a relationship with the devil and forcing her to follow his path of wickedness.

What does Mary Warren give Elizabeth quizlet?

Elizabeth receives a poppet, or rag doll, from Mary Warren.

What does Mary Warren reveal about Elizabeth in the court?

What information did Mary Warren provide regarding Elizabeth’s involvement in the witch hunts? She reveals that Elizabeth was charged with witchcraft in court.

What information does Mary provide about the trial what role is she playing at the trial explain?

Mary says there have been arrests. She also mentions Elizabeth’s accusation. Mary works as a court representative. John doesn’t want her to go to the trials because he thinks they’re ridiculous and pointless.

Who watched Mary sew the poppet What does this reveal?

Who observed Mary sewing the poppet? (21) What is shown by this? Watching Mary sew the poppet, Abigail. This shows that Abigail wounded herself on purpose in an effort to gather proof that Elizabeth was a witch.

Why does Mary give Elizabeth the gift?

What do you deduce is Mary’s true motivation for giving Elizabeth the gift, based on what Mary has said? She presents the girl with a poppet. While she was waiting for the witch trials, Mary Warren succeeded. To frame Elizabeth, Abigail has utilized Warren’s marriage.

What is unusual about the doll that Mary gave to Elizabeth?

What makes the doll Mary Warren creates for Elizabeth unique? The spot where the needle was “discovered” in Abigail’s stomach was where the needle was inserted. Ezekiel Cheever: who is he? What does John ask Mary Warren to do as Elizabeth is being led off to jail?

What point does Hathorne make about Mary fainting Why can’t Mary faint on command?

What purpose does Hathorne serve by having Mary pass out? Why won’t Mary pass out when told to? Hathorne begs Mary to pass out in court because if she could pass out in court, she ought to be able to act like she’s passing out now too. Mary is unable to withstand the strain.

Why does Mary Warren accuse Proctor of witchcraft at the end of this scene?

Why? Proctor is now accused of conversing with the devil by Mary Warren. She does this since she is aware that Abby, who has previously threatened her, won’t be against her anymore. She is frightened of Abby and realizes that protecting John Proctor is a losing proposition.

What news do we hear about Rebecca Nurse?

What information about Rebecca Nurse does the viewer learn? Rebecca Nurse was found guilty. 3. What does Reverend Parris charge John with when he shows up in court with Mary Warren?


“to what does john proctor convince mary warren to testify?” is a question that was asked in the play, “The Crucible.”. The answer is that John Proctor convinces Mary Warren to testify against her accusers.

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