Where Is Maurielle Lue From Fox 2 News?

Similarly, Does Maurielle Lue still work for Channel 2 news?

I’m Maurielle Lue, an Emmy Award-winning reporter who also serves as the host of The Nine and a morning anchor for the FOX 2 News Team.

Also, it is asked, Who replaced Huel Perkins?

Huel Perkins, who is leaving Fox 2 after 33 years, has informed his bosses who he suggests as a replacement. In an interview with Deadline Detroit, Perkins remarked, “Roop Raj should be the next anchor at Fox 2.” “That’s what I believe today, and I’ve told everyone about it.”

Secondly, Who are the new anchors for Fox 2 detroit?

Detroit’s WJBK-TV/FOX2 has revealed a new anchor lineup. Amy Andrews has been elevated to morning anchor on weekdays. She’ll be on the FOX 2 Morning News with Jay Towers. The Nine will be hosted by Deena Centofanti and Maurielle Lue.

Also, Is Alan Longstreet still on Fox 2?

As a meteorologist for Fox 2 Detroit’s morning newscasts, Alan Longstreet spends the most of his time talking about hot temperatures and low pressure fronts.

People also ask, Who is Taryn Asher’s husband?

Jason Carr / HusbandTaryn Asher (m. 2007)

Related Questions and Answers

Did Monica Gayle retire?

Huel Perkins and Monica Gayle said their goodbyes to Fox 2 Detroit viewers in their last program on Friday. They’ve long been familiar faces in Detroit, having worked together for almost a quarter-century to present local TV news and forge a close relationship with viewers.

Who recently left Fox 2 news?

2 Fox News contributors leave over Tucker Carlson’s series on January 6, according to NPR. Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg have resigned from Fox News after the Fox News anchor produced a series on the insurgency at the US Capitol that was based on fabrications and conspiracy theories.

Who left Fox 2 2020?

Meteorologist Michael Estime is leaving his local station for Fox Weather after two years. Estime, who has been doing the weather on Fox 2 Detroit since 2020, will begin hosting Fox Weather on June 20, according to AdWeek.

How long has Huel Perkins been on fox2?

Gayle joined WJBK-TV in 1997 after Perkins joined the station in 1989. For the last 24 years, the two have sat next to one other at the anchor desk. On Friday, March 25, they will do their last day newscast together in the evening.

Does Amy Andrews still work for Fox news?

Many of you have inquired as to my whereabouts. Unfortunately, I will be absent from hosting FOX 2 News Mornings for a few weeks due to health concerns. I want you to know how much I shall miss you. Please remember me in your prayers.

Where is Deena Centofanti now?

Centofanti and her husband Keith have lived in Orion Township since 1997, allowing them to be near to both her work at Fox 2 in Southfield and Keith’s at a station in Flint. Centofanti’s spouse now works at Fox 2 as the vice president of creative services.

Where did Derek kevra go?

Currently working at WJBK in Detroit as a meteorologist. I create and broadcast two weekly pieces, “Tech Talk” and “Drone Zone,” in addition to my responsibilities as a meteorologist.

Who is the new weather guy on Fox 2 news?

Steve Paulson has been the Morning Weatherman for KTVU-FOX 2 News for the last 20 years.

Where was Monica Gayle born?

Washington Monica Gayle / Birthplace Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States, formally known as the State of Washington. Wikipedia

Is Jason Carr married?

Jason Carr / Spouse Taryn Asher (m. 2007)

How old is Lee Thomas?

Approximately 55 years (1967) Age / Lee Thomas

How long has Devin scillian been on Channel 4?

a career in broadcasting In 1995, he began his career at WDIV as a reporter, and in 1996, he was promoted to anchor. Scillian has featured in multiple films as a broadcast journalist, including Scream 4, The Double, and Mooz-lum, as well as a recurrent position as a news presenter on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in a “Breaking News” comedy.

What channel is Huel Perkins on?

Huel Perkins of TV 2 became Detroit’s newest TV anchor that year. When Huel joined Sherri Margolis on the 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. news, he soon became a local favorite. “We really bonded from the minute we met,” Sherri remarked.

Why did Sandy Miller retire?

Miller intends to spend her retirement traveling and spending time with her family, she added. She’ll be having nightly meals with her spouse, whom she met at KPLR, something she claims hasn’t occurred in 20 years.

What happened to Sandy Miller?

After 25 years on the air, Louis anchor will step down. After 25 years in television, Sandy Miller is leaving Fox station KTVI in St. Louis.

Why was Charlie LeDuff fired?

LeDuff was sued for defamation in 2011 after writing a piece for The Detroit News. LeDuff’s claims claimed she moonlighted as a stripper and danced at a never-proven party in the Detroit mayor’s residence, according to a Detroit police officer. Both charges were refuted by the officer. The case was eventually dismissed.

Why did Mikala McGhee leave Fox 2?

It seemed to fit with my principles, as well as where I saw myself heading in life and what I wanted to achieve. As a result, I had to take a bet on myself, which fortunately paid out,” McGhee remarked. She intends to return to television at some time in the future. Her ultimate ambition is to host a game show.

Why did Fox Fire Melissa Francis?

Melissa Francis vanished from Fox’s airwaves last year due to a salary discrimination claim. The New York labor department is investigating her accusations, according to the Daily Beast.

How old is Murray Feldman?

Murray Feldman, a former furniture distributor who became the driving force behind the popular Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, has died, according to a representative for the center. He died several months after having cancer surgery. Feldman, 64, died at his Hollywood home on Sunday.

Who is Sherry Margolis husband?

Jeffrey Zaslow is the author of this book.

What happened to Ernest Thomas?

On J., a mob of hundreds of white men hunted down and shot Ernest Thomas, a 26-year-old Black man sleeping beneath a tree in Madison County, Florida, over 400 times. Mr. Thomas’ death was pronounced “justifiable murder” by a coroner’s jury two days after he was slain by a mob.

What fraternity is Lee Thomas in?

Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc.

Who is Rhonda Walker married to?

Rhonda and Jason, we congratulate you! Rhonda Walker of Local 4 in Detroit just celebrated her own wedding! Monday morning, she was greeted by the morning crew. Rhonda and Jason, we congratulate you!

What nationality is Devin scillian?

American Nationality / Devin Scillian

Where does Bernie Smilovitz live?

Bernie has made Metro Detroit his home since relocating to Detroit in March 1986 to work for WDIV-TV, covering Tigers Baseball games and anchoring the 5, 6, and 11 p.m. sportscasts.


Maurielle Lue is a reporter for Fox 2 News. She is also engaged to her boyfriend, who has not been publicly identified.

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