Why Is Marty Bass On The Evening News?

Similarly, Does Marty Bass still work at WJZ?

Marty Bass works for CBS station WJZ 13 in Baltimore, Maryland, as a television news reporter and weatherman. Bass is a 35-year veteran of WJZ and the weatherman of the Baltimore market’s #1 rated morning program with hosts Linh Bui and Tim Williams. He is known for his thick accent and outgoing attitude.

Also, it is asked, Who is the new weather guy on WJZ?

Former WUSA meteorologist Howard Bernstein is giving weather reports on WJZ. Former WUSA meteorologist Howard Bernstein currently does freelance on-air weather forecasts for WJZ in Baltimore.

Secondly, Who retired from WJZ?

Marty Bass Reflects On Don Scott’s Long & Promising Career At WJZ For decades, Marty Bass and Don Scott have collaborated on television. Marty recounts his best recollections as Don prepares to retire after 40 years at WJZ.

Also, Who is Denise Koch married to?

Jackson Phippin is a character in the film Jackson Phippin

People also ask, How long is Bob Turk been with WJZ?

It’s incredible! Bob Turk has spent 45 years with W.J.Z. He also seems to be rather young.

Related Questions and Answers

Did Howard Bernstein leave Channel 9?

According to reports, meteorologist Howard Bernstein is departing DC at the end of the month on his own will, having denied a contract extension and is searching for other options.

How old is Don Scott WJZ?

Don Scott, a long-time Savannah radio DJ, died of COVID-19 on Wednesday. Cumulus Savannah’s I-95/WIXV-FM, The Rock of Savannah, reported his death on Thursday. Scott, 65, has worked for the station since 1985, most recently as program director and afternoon on-air personality.

Did Denise Koch retire?

WJZ anchorwoman Denise Koch is quitting the late shift after decades at the anchor desk. Koch will no longer lead the CBS-owned station’s 11 p.m. news beginning the final week of April.

How old is Chelsea Ingram?

Chelsea Ingram is 33 years old (as of October).

Does WJZ still do Manic Monday?

The Fells Point restaurant Jimmy’s is up for auction. Fells Point’s staple is about to be auctioned up. The Last Manic Monday: Ron Matz Will Retire From WJZ After 30 Years.

Who was Harry Horni?

Popular personalities on WFBR’s on-air talent in the 1970s included “The Flying Dutchman” Pete Berry; Ron Matz and his fictitious alter ego, “Harry Horni“; Johnny Walker, a wildly popular morning DJ who was “cutting edge” for his time; and “The Coach,” Charley Eckman, a former NBA basketball coach and referee who.

When did Don Scott retire?

Don Scott, the legendary WJZ morning news anchor, is retiring after 40 years. Farewell, Don Scott Don Scott joined the Eyewitness News Team as he climbed up the stairs to Television Hill on J. Farewell, Don Scott He spent his first several years at WJZ as a weekend anchor and general assignment reporter.

Where is Stan Stovall going?

Stan spent 13 years as the principal nightly news anchor at WMAR-TV in Baltimore before returning to WBAL-TV 11. Stan confirmed in July 2021 that he was planning to retire in 2022. At 6 p.m., he continues to headline 11 News.

Is Mary Bubala married?

Smith, Bruce Douglas / Mary Bubala / / / / / / / / (m. 1996)

What is Chelsea Ingram doing now?

Chelsea Ingram is a Senior Meteorologist at WeatherWorks, LLC who specializes in Partnership Solutions.

Where is Larry Miller WUSA9?

Larry Miller joined the WUSA9 morning crew in February 2015, and he and Get Up DC headline the news at noon. He’s been to the DMV before. Larry grew raised in Baltimore County, Maryland, and then moved to the Washington Metropolitan Area before settling in Pittsburgh.

Where is Howard Bernstein on WUSA9?

Howard Bernstein, a morning meteorologist for WUSA in Washington, D.C., has departed the CBS station. Bernstein, who previously worked at WVUE in New Orleans, KOCO in Oklahoma City, and WUHF in Rochester, New York, before joining WUSA in 2000, says he has no idea what he wants to do next. Check out HB’s on-air farewell, Bernstein posted on Facebook.

Who left WJZ news?

Kathy Hostetter, news director of KDKA-TV, is departing for WJZ-TV in Baltimore. “It’s both incredible and heartbreaking at the same time.” In Pittsburgh, this is a fantastic squad.”

What Channel Is CBS in Washington DC?

9th channel


WBAL-TV, channel 11, is an NBC-affiliated television station in Baltimore, Maryland. Since its beginning, WBAL-TV has been controlled by the Hearst Corporation’s broadcast division, and it is co-owned with radio stations WBAL and WIYY.

Is lacee Griffith married?

She worked for WBOC-TV on the Eastern Shore for seven years. Lacee began her career at WBOC as a weekend reporter before moving up to morning anchor for nearly five years. Lacee remained on the beach for so long because she was smitten by the villages and, in particular, the individuals she met. In fact, she married in Ocean City!

Is Nicole Baker still alive?

Nicole Baker recalls a night when Gary Gilmore appeared in her nightmares.

What nationality is Mary Bubala?

American Nationality: Mary Bubala

Who is Mary Bubala husband?

Smith, Bruce Douglas Husband / Mary Bubala (m. 1996)

Where is Reese Waters now?

Waters relocated to San Francisco after graduating from Columbia University to study other types of comedy. After two years of living and performing in the Bay Area, he relocated to the east coast, where he now resides. Since September, he’s been married to Ellen Bryan, a fellow WUSA broadcaster.

Where has Darren Sweeney been?

Darren presently works for NBC Connecticut as a weekend weather anchor and reporter. Darren offers broadcast journalism classes in the journalism department, which educate students how to report, anchor, and create television news.

Is Caitlin McGrath married?

Kaitlyn sees herself as a someone who is “fun, kind, and compassionate.” She just married and is loving life as a newlywed.

Is Marty Bass still married?

Bass, his wife, Sharon, and their two children reside in Brooklandville, Maryland.


Marty Bass is a famous American actor who has been in the industry for decades. He starred in many movies and television shows, but he has not been seen on the news lately. His recent absence from the media has led to speculation about his retirement.

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