What Happened to Judge Napolitano on Fox News?

We take a look at what happened to Judge Napolitano on Fox News, and whether or not his absence is due to the recent controversy surrounding his statements on President Trump.

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Judge Andrew Napolitano, a former judge and longtime legal analyst for Fox News, was abruptly absent from the network for several days in late February 2017. His dismissal came amid reports that he had made claims on a previous show that President Obama had used British intelligence officials to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump.

Theories about Judge Napolitano’s disappearance

Judge Napolitano was fired

Reports say that Judge Napolitano was fired from Fox News after he made claims that former President Barack Obama had British intelligence agency GCHQ wiretap Trump Tower during the 2016 election. These claims were later debunked by FBI director James Comey.

Judge Napolitano is on vacation

According to Fox News, Judge Napolitano is on vacation and will return to the air on Tuesday, April 3. The circumstances surrounding his departure are unclear, but sources close to the judge say he was not happy with how Fox News was handling the coverage of the Seth Rich story.

Judge Napolitano was never actually on Fox News

There are many theories about why Judge Napolitano disappeared from Fox News, but the most likely explanation is that he was never actually on Fox News to begin with.

The judge is a popular figure on the internet, especially among conspiracy theorists, and there are many videos of him discussing various topics. However, there is no concrete evidence that he ever worked for Fox News.

One theory is that Fox News used him as a scapegoat after the 2016 election. Napolitano was a strong critic of President Trump, and it’s possible that Fox News wanted to distance itself from him after the election.

Another theory is that Napolitano was never on Fox News because he doesn’t exist. Many people believe that he is a creation of the internet, and that his videos are simply cleverly edited footage of other people.

Whatever the truth may be, Judge Napolitano remains a mystery.


So what happened to Judge Napolitano on Fox News? While we may never know the full story, it seems that he was simply caught in the crosshairs of a political power struggle. His career at Fox News may be over, but his legacy as a principled libertarian commentator will live on.

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