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Technology and the internet has drastically changed the way we consume news. In the past, we would have to wait for the nightly news or buy a newspaper to stay up-to-date on current events. Now, there are a variety of ways to get our news fix nearly instantaneously. While this is convenient, it also means that we are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information on a daily basis. How can we make sense of it all and stay up-to-date on the latest news?

What’s New?

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Each day, we’re bombarded with an overload of information from different sources. While it’s impossible to consume everything, there are stories that deserve our attention. In the technology world, Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Apple Inc. dominate the headlines day in and day out. From new product announcements to industry-changing acquisitions, here’s a look at the top tech stories you need to know for the week of October 22, 2018.

Apple Introduces New MacBook Air

On Tuesday, Apple announced a completely redesigned MacBook Air, its popular laptop that hasn’t seen a major update in years. The new MacBook Air features a retina display (higher resolution than what’s currently on the market), touch ID support, more storage space and is made with recycled materials. It starts at $1,199 and is available for pre-order starting today.

Google Closes $1 Billion Deal for Stamford-Based Stamford Technology Center

On Wednesday, Google announced that it has closed on a deal to buy Stamford-based Chelsea Market for $1 billion. The deal had been in the works for months and gives Google another key East Coast outpost as it looks to expand its footprint in the New York City area. The purchase also includes a 1.2 million-square-foot office complex known as the Connecticut Technology Center.


The business section is typically full of heavy news and stories that may not be of personal interest to everyone. However, if you’re looking to be more informed about what’s going on in the world of business, this is the section for you. In the business section, you’ll find stories about the stock market, investments, real estate, and more.


In the United States, politics is a hotly contested topic with passionate opinions across the spectrum. Political news covers stories on the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, as well as Congress, state and local politics, and international relations.


In the world of sports, there is always something new happening. Whether it’s a new coach being hired, a player being traded, or a new rule being implemented, there is always something to talk about. Here are some of the latest news stories in the world of sports.

-The New York Yankees have hired Aaron Boone as their new manager.
-The Cleveland Browns have traded for wide receiver Jarvis Landry.
-Major League Baseball has implemented a new rule that will limit the time between innings.
-The Golden State Warriors have signed free agent center DeMarcus Cousins.


The entertainment industry is always changing and evolving, and there is always something new to talk about. From the latest celebrity gossip to the latest movie releases, there is always something new to chat about in the world of entertainment. Keep up with the latest news by reading the articles below.


In conclusion, we can say that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the way we consume news. We are now more likely to get our news from social media and online sources, and less likely to rely on traditional news outlets. This is having an impact on the way news is reported and created, as well as how we understand and make sense of the events happening around us.

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